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Movability of People

OrderBoard puts you ahead of the curve by providing you with Movability scores for your people or people at any company - even your competitors. People with high scores are most likely to move.

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OrderBoard Inside

Identify employees who are “at-risk” of leaving. Work to retain movable employees before it’s too late.

OrderBoard Outside

OrderBoard identifies diverse candidates who are are ready to do your job and who are willing to move. 

Office employee
Financial Report

OrderBoard predicts who will stay and who will leave an organization. 

We calculate a movability score for each person in your organization so you can see who is at-risk of leaving. This allows you to focus on retaining your most at-risk employees before they they tell you they have a job offer.

We also use the movability score to find the most movable candidates among the people you are considering to hire.

Business Team

Remember the world when you had more candidates than you could imagine? That world is gone.

Today, labor markets are tough. Many have more demand than supply and fierce competition for candidates who know that the opportunities are theirs.


Orderboard puts you in control.

We will train you to use OrderBoard and provide you with the support you need to be in control of retention and hiring.

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