Find and hire hard-to-find people with the US labor markets in your hands

OrderBoard focuses on “Upside Down” Job Markets – markets where the demand for highly skilled people exceeds the supply of those people

Big Data and AI to enable you to understand those markets and eliminate the guesswork: showing who is available, who is hiring and how to find, recruit and retain tough-to-find talent



Building  the teams you need to get ahead

We founded OrderBoard to help companies build new capabilities. Companies need people with new skill sets and experience to drive growth but many struggle to hire these people. A big reason is that these labor markets have more demand than supply and the competition is fierce. Candidates are buyers and companies are sellers and there are a different set of rules than traditional  labor markets.

OrderBoard  levels the playing field to help you compete and win. We use big data and artificial intelligence to give you visibility of the US labor markets and shows you how to increase your pool of qualified candidates and write your position requirements to attract the best candidates.  OrderBoard then identifies slates of candidates that are a best-fit for your positions. Gone are the days of waiting months to see results of your growth plan. You'll be able to move smart and fast from day one.

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