OrderBoard helps you understand and navigate tough labor markets so you can find and hire the people you need to build organizations. OrderBoard uses artificial intelligence,  advanced analytics and proprietary data to find the right candidates for your organization; candidates that match your requirements for skills, experience, and location. And, OrderBoard's labor market data helps you understand what you are up against so you can effectively compete and hire the best candidates possible. Here are some things you can do with OrderBoard's self-service tools:



Tired of chasing ghosts? Candidates that don't exist? OrderBoard puts you in the position to make decisions using labor market data. No need to shoot in the dark anymore. OrderBoard will show you how many candidates fit your requirements, how many are movable, the market demand, your competition, total compensation and how attractive you are compared to your competition. You will be able to understand how many people fit your requirements and how to expand your pool of candidates. You will be able to target searches and you will no longer need to waste time and money pursuing people that don't exist or who aren't available.



In a world where there is more demand than supply, candidates are buyers and employers are sellers. And, candidates are employed and not looking. OrderBoard provides you with candidates who are a "best-fit" to your requirements and who are movable. How do we know who is movable? We use artificial intelligence to identify the best candidates for your organization and then predict who is movable using deep learning algorithms. Not enough? OrderBoard shows you how to increase your pool of candidates by modifying your position requirements and allowing you to see the additional candidates that those simple changes produce.



OrderBoard helps you identify and hire diverse candidates from underepresented minorities. OrderBoard will identify diverse candidates who fit your requirements and then show you how to increase the pool of diverse candidates for that position. But OrderBoard does not stop there. OrderBoard will also help you understand which candidates are most likely to stay with your organization if they are hired. Want to see a demo? Ask us!



If people are truly your greatest asset, OrderBoard helps you protect your assets in new ways. First, OrderBoard will identify candidates in your organization who are a fit for the positions that you are trying to fill. It's better to see if you have people in your organization who are a fit for your positions before you look outside. Second, we will identify people in your organization who are potential flight risks and give you an opportunity to retain them before they leave.



Do you admire companies that just do it right? Want to learn from them? OrderBoard helps you understand how companies you know are the best at what they do build capability in an area. Pick digital marketing, for example. With OrderBoard, you can discover how many marketing people work at one company or a group of best-practice companies, how many of those are digital marketers and whether those people are deployed at corporate or assigned to product teams. Understand where they are recruited from, their levels, how often they get promoted, what they get paid and where they go when they leave.  Then, apply those learnings and insights directly to the workforce plan for your organization. OrderBoard's labor market data takes the guesswork out of benchmarking.



Worried about your competitors? How they are doing and what moves they are making? Whether they are successful in building capacity or are they losing people? OrderBoard lets you track your competitors' moves. For any given area such as AI, you can see how many people they have, at what levels, in what locations and at what pay. You can see where they recruit people from and at what levels. You  can track when they promote people as well as when they leave and where they go.