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Team Working in Glass Partitioned Office


Building the teams you need to get ahead

Retain your most important talent.

We provide you with a movability score for each employee in your organization. The higher the score, the higher the flight risk.

You’ll be able to focus on retaining your employees before they start actively looking.


OrderBoard delivers the movability scores to you on a schedule that’s right for you.

We can get started right away. We have all of the data we need to calculate the movability scores for the people in your organization

Hire in the toughest labor markets.

We help you understand where the talent is, who else is looking for them and how to get movable people to work for you.

Identify the supply, demand and competition for your positions


  Discover how attractive you are to candidates compared to your competition

    Identify "ready now" internal and external candidates as well                          as those who have high potential

    Increase the pool of diverse candidates for your positions


Let's bring our solution to your organization.

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